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  Wanda Ropa
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About Us: In a Nutshell

Founded by Wanda Ropa, DreamVolition is a success-oriented company that specializes in providing tools and expertise to reframe perception, thus boosting creativity and performance.

We work with individuals, groups, teams, and entire organizations. Our clients work in diverse industries. They are in corporate America, health care, industrial and technical sectors. They are entrepreneurs, physicians, health care professionals, company executives, or in leadership roles in their organizations.

Our mission is to inspire the freedom to create and innovate at work and at home. Creativity is the fuel for recharging zest and interest back into the workplace and with all your personal relationships. As a client you are guided to explore your own creativity and discover your own creative power. Workshops jumpstart your creative engine and begin the learning process. Follow-up action plans provide a systematic approach and a strategic plan to create impact in your workplace and personal life.