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The following are some of the services DreamVolition provides to corporations, executives, and managers:

Executive Coaching and Performance Coaching

    • Boost leadership performance
    • Increase individual employee & team performance
    • Raise the bar on customer satisfaction (internal & external customers)
    • Increase profits by raising sales performance
    • Manage up and manage down
    • Successfully sell your ideas
    • Get credit for your work
    • Achieve results with ease and pleasure
    • Become an inspired leader and raise your EI quotient
    • Increase your 360° ratings
    • Boost your creative intelligence
    • Create deep and satisfying personal and social relationships
    • Attract success in life, work, and business
    • Start enjoying the rest of your life
    • Experience life as easy, fun, and effortless


DreamVolition can administer and provide evaluations for the following assessments:

    • Strengthsfinders® Profile identifies your top 5 natural born talents
    • I Speak® Communication Assessment quickly and easily provides you with your communication style and how to adapt to the other 3 types. It's based on Carl Jung's theory of psychological types.
    • Trimetrix: Three highly validated instruments designed specifically for business applications such as career exploration, selection and hiring, and benchmarking.
    • Appreciative Inquiry in-depth review of your peak performance periods
    • Strong® and MBTI® Career Report
    • Strong® Interest Inventory
    • Myers-Briggs® Type Indicator
    • Thomas-Kilmann® Conflict Mode Instrument
    • FIRO-B®
    • CPI-260® Coaching Report for Leaders
    • Multi-Rater 360 ° Assessments
    • BarOn® Emotional Quotient Inventory emotional intelligence instrument

Performance Consulting, Workshops, and Training

The following services are provided to companies and organizations on a customized basis.

  1. Individual and group consulting
  2. Workshops and seminars including, but not limited to:
    • Boosting the Creative Potential of Your Employees
    • Brainstorming strategies
    • The Impact of Creativity on Customer Service
    • Innovation Tooling
    • Using Creative Intelligence to Solve Problems
    • Creating Creative Synergy Within Your Team
    • Using Creativity to Increase Market Share
    • Exponentially Expanding your ROI with Creativity
    • Strategic Sales and Marketing using Creativity
    • Creativity for the Workplace
    • Leadership With a Creative Flair
    • Winning Communication Strategies with Creativity
    • Raising Multidisciplinary Team Productivity with Creativity
    • Innovative Management Practices
    • Building Long Term Customer Relationships with Creativity
    • Improving Employee Satisfaction with Creativity