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Coaching for Success

Individual Coaching
Playing with possibilities is the foundation of creativity.  We are all born creative.  As children, we are free and comfortable to explore our creative potentials.  Sometimes, as adults, we lose the connection to our intuitive insights and our creative power.

Let your success coach help you reframe your perceptions to harness the tremendous power of being creative in your life to:

  • Break through your creative blocks and find your authentic voice to fully express yourself
  • Learn and discover your creative potential
  • Use creative intelligence to solve problems and be innovative
  • Start creating the life that you want
  • Create deep and satisfying personal and social relationships with creativity
  • Achieve spontaneous relief with a fresh perspective
  • Clearly identify solutions
  • Reframe your current situation into manageable segments
  • Navigate and clear current obstacles
  • Boost your confidence using easy tools
  • Develop a lasting relationship with yourself
  • Start enjoying the rest of your life
  • Attract success in life, work, and business
  • Experience life as easy, fun, and effortless

William Shakespeare said, "All the world's a stage," and we are all actors playing a role. I like to use the analogy of the world as a playground so we can invite others to play with us. The art of play fosters creativity, encourages fun and believe it or not, actually produces amazing results. We invite you to come play in our creative playground.

Ideally, this journey of life is supposed to be fun, easy, and effortless. Unfortunately, we often build barriers to preclude our ease and enjoyment of this creative process. Instead, create fun memories as you continue on your path.

Are you in the driver's seat or are your perceptions managing you? Take our Perception Fitness Profile to find out. For answers to common questions about perception and creative intelligence, check out our FAQ.

Email us with your interest to start your introductory consultation ($50 US). After your initial consultation, fees to continue coaching range from $106 to $159 (US), depending on the time and frequency of appointments. All coaching is conducted over the phone.