Issue 3, 2005


Playing with possibilities is the theme for our third issue. We are moving away from the format of a monthly newsletter to creating value with sequential issues. Each e-zine will build on past issues and introduce tools and suggested activities.

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William Shakespeare said, "All the world's a stage," and we are all actors playing a role. I like to use the analogy of the world as a playground so we can invite others to play with us. The art of play fosters creativity, encourages fun and believe it or not, actually produces amazing results. We invite you to come play in our creative playground.

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Ten Principles to Unleash Your Creative Power

by Wanda Ropa

1. Creativity flourishes when one is grounded in reality. Find your anchors.

Many professionals and businesses view creativity as a luxury, an added item, but not a requisite for reaping results in the business world. The phrase, "get real," applies. According to Daniel Pink, author of "A Whole New Mind," we're moving from the Information Age to the Conceptual Age. The business world is starting to question how creativity and innovation can be used to enhance their business practices because traditional methods are not working as well. Therefore, it is important to be grounded or to understand business practices as a foundation and to start playing with how creativity can enhance your professional and personal life. When we show up at work, we can't automatically shut off our personal side. Who we are professionally is just an expression of our real self. Creativity is a wonderful upgrade to our current software.

2. Creativity lives outside our heads. Creativity is the opposite of linear, rational thinking.

Creative sparks are not on a structured timetable. Changing the current workplace paradigm and creating a playful environment will allow for natural expression of the art of possibility.

3. Creative possibilities open when one is receptive to variable outcomes. Predetermined outcomes stifle creativity.

We can become more creative when we allow things to naturally take their course. We can still tentatively plan outcomes, but build in flexibility with the actual results. The output actually provides you with valuable information that can move you further than if you forced an outcome.

4. Creative connections and clues appear to those alert to possibilities. Pay attention to your environment. Use all your senses to awaken to what is around you.

It is important to start being aware of how your body responds in different situations. Some individuals know things are not quite right or if they are not listening to their inner voice when both arms start intensely itching until they pay attention. I know intuitively when I should try another course of action because I feel a somatic response in my gut. Listen to your signals.

5. The art of play fosters creativity. Play with or daydream about ideas or possibilities.

You all have "hands-on" experience playing in the creative playground. Give yourself permission to play. Having creative toys (slinky, puzzles, games, fun paperweights, kinetic sculpture, playdoh, or squishy balls) on my desk triggers the freedom to allow myself to play with ideas and possibilities. I frequently ask, 'what if?'

According to Pink, similarities exist between children and adults at play and creative processes used by the most brilliant minds innovating in the fields of science and technology. Invention is the direct result of playing with possibilities. To learn more about the connections between invention and play, visit the "invention playhouse".

Play with the problem. Remember what it felt like to play and explore. As adults, we often forget the wonder and amazement we felt as children. Using the Kaizen Way, Dr. Robert Maurer, author of "One Small Step Can Change Your Life," encourages us to play with mind sculpture. Imagine or daydream what it would feel like to try on different ways of solving the situation, but using all your senses. Visualize it, feel it, hear it, taste it, absorb it within every pore and cell of your body. There are no risks, only benefits. This practice has worked for champion athletes as they've prepared to win their medals. Imagine what it can do for us ordinary mortals.

6. You are a wonderful receptacle of creativity. Spend time nurturing yourself.

Take time to honor yourself as a creative spirit. Every day you are spending time creating. Every thing you imagine, write, say, draw, doodle, etc. becomes a creation. Creativity is just the art of creating. According to the American Heritage Dictionary of the English language, the word creativity means "having the power to create or to cause to exist; bring into being."

7. Creativity flows with practice. Practice ...Practice ...Practice...

As you try and practice creating playful environments, it will become easier and easier to tap into your creativity and become more playful with approaches and outcomes. Play with a slinky on your desk, observe a kinetic sculpture, or find a play toy to trigger the inner child within you. You will start altering your usual way of working.

8. Diversion frees the mind and allows creative juices to flow. Give yourself permission for a sabbatical. Amuse yourself with diversion.

Taking a walk, swimming or surfing in the ocean or lake, running a nature trail, visiting a museum, participating in sports, playing with your children and pets, attending a concert, seeing a movie, etc. all are diversions. It refocuses the mind from its original state. When you're in this diversion zone, you're usually taking a vacation from your immediate situation. For example, when I'm watching a movie on a big screen, I usually experience the characters' situations, their issues, their lives, and for a couple of hours give mine a respite. When I return, I seem to view my situation a little differently and many times a new creative connection has been made.

9. Connections and ideas arise in unexpected places. Take the road less traveled.

10. Schedule in FUN!

Ideally, this journey of life is supposed to be fun, easy, and effortless. Unfortunately, we often build barriers to preclude our ease and enjoyment of this creative process. Instead, create fun memories as you continue on your path.

Changing the venue helps to trigger expression of your own creative genius. You have the answers, but sometimes these answers may not be accessed as readily. By changing the playing field, changing the framework, opportunities appear.

To learn more about applying these Ten Creative Principles to Marketing, read the article by Sharon Price.


1. “A Whole New Mind ,” by Daniel Pink, Riverhead Books, New York, NY, 2005.
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Riding the Merry-Go-Round of Time

How do adults play?
When all we want to do is dismay.
What is the allure of sophistication
Procrastination, dread, and indignation?
Conformity, tried and true.
Surrendering freedom and all its due.

Being silly is the cure
For creative spirits that are demure
Visualize riding on the merry-go-round of time.
Situate yourself comfortably as each chime
Signals reverting back yet another year
Passing adulthood by until you're there!

A resurfacing of your inner child
Will bring about metamorphosis that is not mild.
Be prepared to jump in bales of hay
Giggling, laughing, imagining, in the name of play.
Counterintuitive to patterns of thought
Creativity and Innovation will be sought.

Wanda Ropa
Copyright ©2005 Wanda Ropa

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