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Creativity Fitness Profile
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Creativity Fitness Profile

Get In Shape For Creativity and Innovation

How creatively fit are you? Take our Creativity Fitness Profile:

  1. Do you follow your hunches? Your intuition?
  2. Do you have ideas in the shower? Driving? Working out? Walking the dog? Playing with the cat? Grocery shopping? In the middle of the night or waking up?
  3. Are you restless and want more?
  4. Do you find yourself doodling or writing thoughts in a journal? Scrap pieces of paper?
  5. Do you create your own methods at work while others follow traditional ways?

If you answered YES to ALL 5 questions, you're using your creativity muscle. Increasing your creative intelligence just requires learning more techniques and practicing.

If you answered YES to 3-4 questions, you're on your way to using creativity. Learn to identify what's blocking your creative muscle with knowledge and techniques that will boost your creative intelligence.

If you answered YES to 1-2 questions, your creativity is peeking out through peepholes. Learn about creative intelligence and then start practicing.


Contact us today for more information on how to boost your creativity.