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Small Business

Small Businesses

We offer the following services to small business owners and start-up companies:

  • Performance coaching and business consulting: Visioning and retooling to maximize profitability
    • Boost individual and team performance
    • Identify top performers
    • Raise the bar on customer satisfaction
    • Increase sales performance
    • Exponentially expand ROI
    • Creatively anticipate market challenges
  • Workshops & seminars including, but not limited to:
    • Raising the bar on performance with creativity
    • Boosting the creative potential of your employees
    • Creative ideation
    • Using creativity to increase market share
    • Exponentially expanding your ROI with creativity
    • The impact of creativity on customer service
    • Innovation tooling
    • Using creative intelligence to solve problems
    • Strategic sales and marketing using creativity
    • Leadership with a creative flair
    • Building creative synergy within your team
    • Building long term customer relationships with creativity
    • Raising team productivity with creativity
    • Winning communication strategies with creativity
    • Improving employee satisfaction with creativity
    • The impact of creativity on your vision

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