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Wanda Ropa
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Wanda Ropa

Wanda Ropa is the principal and visionary for DreamVolition LLC. Throughout her entire work life, her creativity fueled her success. Fascinated by the cyclical nature of change and the emerging patterns, she began research in the fields of creativity and innovation, including creative intelligence.

The big question: If all of us are born with creative talents, what distinguishes the men and women who are recognized for their creative achievements in diverse fields, such as science, engineering, marketing, art, music, manufacturing, literature, poetry, architecture, to name a few? She quickly discovered that similar patterns exist with every client, from every walk of life. The differences lie in how they uniquely respond to life’s stimuli and triggers, based on the resources and tools they possess.

Starting her career as a nurse therapist before entering the corporate arena, with a Master’s degree in Psychiatric Nursing and Community Mental Health, she leveraged her unique perspective and creatively approached the business world. Many articles tout the importance of diversity and objectivity in the workplace. Biologists often make the best physicists and vice versa. Working within the world of business, she effectively used her clinician’s background and functioned without any biases or preconceived notions. Educated in systems theory, all the traditional filters and screens had been removed. This was not an easy road and resembled Luke Skywalker’s adventure in Star Wars. The experiences received throughout this hero’s journey paved the foundation for the passion and commitment to the field of creativity and innovation. Her goal is to assist individuals, groups, and organizations with tools to use their intrinsic creativity within their lives, both at work and within their personal domain.

Assuming unique challenges, she began in the field of executive and technical recruitment for a search firm. Her next challenges were to include leadership roles in corporate consulting, human resources, training and development, health care consulting, telecommunications, IT, performance consulting, sales, advertising, dot.com development, usability, marketing, and e-commerce. Wanda has worked in diverse industries, such as health care, IT, telecommunications, manufacturing, media, call centers, and tax and financial arenas. She is a certified executive coach, experienced speaker, professional facilitator, writer, and poet.

She is known for her easy engagement of individuals and groups and her renowned humor. For her, work and being alive is FUN. Her goal is to recharge her clients’ creative batteries and have them invite fun into their life equations.

Wanda has been awarded many accolades throughout her extensive career, including, The World Who’s Who of Women, Who’s Who of Emerging Leaders of America, and Who’s Who in the Midwest.

She is a member of and follows the ethical guidelines of the American Society of Training and Development, Society for Human Resource Management, NAFE, Phi Delta Kappa, and the International Coaching Federation.